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Driving Lessons in Yeovil

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Most people think that all driving instructors are the same but did you know that 30% of learner drivers change their driving instructor before ever taking a driving test, that’s an amazing 234,000 people every year.
So why do so many people change their driving instructor mid training?
Well to put it simply we are not all the same and who you choose for your driving lessons can make a massive difference to your success and the cost of learning to drive. Unfortunately making the wrong choice has been known to put some people of learning to drive altogether because of their instructors.
With your driving lessons in Yeovil you are guaranteed to have a driving instructor that will get you driving and motivated from your very first lesson. Each and every driving lesson will have a set aim and achievable goal for you to meet. There be minimum time sat at the side of the road for instruction on your goal for the lesson and there will be no just driving around as this just waists your money and in turn will require you to have yet more driving lessons. For your very first driving lesson your driving instructor will take you to a quiet place in Yeovil with very few cars so hopefully you can feel at ease for your very first drive.
If you progress well you may even be able to drive home from your first lesson although we quite often find this can be too much for most learners on their first driving lesson due to busy roads along the way.
At the end of each driving lesson, your driving instructor will give you feedback on your progress and fill out a driver record sheet so you both can keep an eye on your progress and you both know where to start the next driving lesson and what goal to set for that lesson.
As a driving school we aim to get you passed your driving test 1st time and although this isnt always possible we will do everything to make it happen for you. At the same time we dont believe in dragging your learning out either just to make more money. So when you are ready for the driving test we will let you know and then carryout several mock tests to prepare you for the big day.
In the mean time we offer free online theory training with Theory Test Pro and you can sign up for this below, To start with you have a free trial but once you start learning to drive with us we will be able to give you full access.
If you want to learn to drive but are not 17 yet, don’t worry as we run regular under 17 driving sessions just outside of Yeovil at an old airfield. These session are usually run once a month and will give you great experience of driving a car in the safety of the airfield without other traffic. And every session will go towards your driving lessons when you turn 17. As long as you are 4’8ft and 12 years of age or older then you can attend our under 17 sessions.
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