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Our First Under 17s Driving Session at Weymouth Park & Ride

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Weymouth Park & Ride Under 17s Driving Sessions

Well this Sunday just gone May 18th 2014 we held our first under 17s driving sessions at Weymouth Park & Ride and it all went really well and we had a very good turnout and some great feedback from both the pupils that took part and the parents that brought them. In all we had 8 local teenagers taking part and below are some of the pictures of the day.
Above we have our driving instructors that ran the Weymouth under 17s driving event on Sunday.
Paula Lack our Weymouth based Female Driving Instructor
Paul Shackleton our Weymouth based Male Driving Instructor
And our Instructor Trainer Steve Ridley

Above we have local Weymouth teenagers Toby Clasper and Robert Richards. Both boys enjoyed their time with our Weymouth Driving Instructors and vowed to return for future under 17s driving events.
After their driving session the teenagers and their parents were given the chance to try on our Drunk Buster Goggles that mimic the results of drinking alcohol or taking drugs. These Goggles are designed to show the teenagers what impact such activities can have on them if they are driving a car. We asked the teenagers and parents to try and manoeuvre around a row of traffic cones without knocking any over, it was very funny to watch but also brought home the seriousness of drink and drugs and the effects it has on our senses.
Ben Short standing proudly in front of one of our training vehicles at the Weymouth Park & Ride
Phyllis Cooper of Gillingham Dorset traveled down to Weymouth for Sundays under 17s driving session

 Callum Easton of Weymouth standing proudly in front of the training vehicle after finishing his 60min session
Callum Easton with our Weymouth Female Driving Instructor Paula Lack
A great day was had by all and I look forward to receiving back the questionnaires from each pupil on their driving session but from what ive been told so far from these teenagers our under 17s driving event at Weymouth Park & Ride has been a huge hit and all have promised to return for more events in the future.
Our next Under 17s Driving event at Weymouth Park & Ride will be in June on the 15th and sessions can now be booked by following this link 
Please done forget we also have under 17s driving events once a month at 
Henstridge Airfield, Yeovil College and Clevedon Hand Stadium as well as Weymouth Park & Ride
We also provide regular 17+ driving lessons to over 170 pupils of all ages across the southwest including large parts of Dorset and Somerset.

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