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Under 17s Driving Lesson Dorset

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Under 17s Driving Lessons Dorset

Sunday 26th April seen our latest under 17s driving sessions at Henstridge Airfield in Dorset. We had a good turnout with a total of seven pupils having a go behind the wheel.
First to have a go with our driving instructor James Orgar was Elena-Jane Taylor from Salisbury.
Elena-Jane who is 16 said she had a great time and really enjoyed reversing and practicing the turn in the road manoeuvre. She also thinks she has learnt a lot today and was glad to be able to ask lots of questions about driving, She cant wait to tell her friends all about today and is really looking forward to her next session.
Then we had James Jackson from Gillingham who got behind the wheel with our driving instructor Steve Ridley and Julian Baxtor who had a go with our driving instructor Eric Johnson. Both boys said they enjoyed the event and would really like to come again.
Below is a video review from Alesha Hussey from Yeovil who came to todays event and had her session behind the wheel with Eric Johnson.
Alesha says she really enjoyed her driving session and the best part having a go at the turn in the road manooeuvre and she liked learning how to find the biting point using the clutch and accelerator. Alesha has already booked her next session and cant wait to come again, she is also going to be telling all her friends about today event.
Here we have Katie Wooley from Gillingham Dorset who is 14 and had her driving session with driving instructor James Orgar from Shaftesbury.
Katie really enjoyed herself today and loved learning how to control the car while changing gears and driving around the bends on our course. Katie also really enjoyed learning what all the controls of the car do and how to use them. Katie is also looking forward to coming again real soon and cant wait to tell all her friends how much fun it was.
Then we had Solomon Chadwick who is 16 and  from Shepton Mallet in Somerset. Solomon had he driving session with driving instructor Steve Ridley.
Solomon enjoyed learning the basics of driving and enjoyed the clear and easy to understand instruction from Steve, He also enjoyed learning how to use the gears and basic clutch control. Solomon is really looking forward to learning the next steps and is going to be encouraging his friends to come to future driving events.
And finally we had Jordan Summers who is 16 and from Radstock near Bath. Jordan had his session with driving instructor Eric Johnson who is also from Radstock.
Jordan says he really enjoyed today and learnt a lot about driving and improving his reactions. He cant wait to come to future driving sessions and also is looking forward to starting his on the road driving lessons this year. Jordan has said he is going to tell all his friends about it and get them to come along.
To find out more about our under 17s driving events at Henstridge Airfield, Salisbury Park & Ride or Weymouth Park & Ride please visit our website at http://www.2nd2nonedrivingschool.co.uk

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