Driving Lessons in Gillingham Dorset

Congratulations to Alana Rogers from Gillingham Dorset on passing her driving test today 20/09/21 in Dorchester. It has been a long time coming for Alana

Driving Lessons in Weymouth

Congratulations to Robert lo Cascio from Weymouth on passing the driving test in Dorchester today 20/09/21, a great pass with 3 driver faults. All the

Driving Lessons in Shaftesbury

Congratulations to Mollie Hamilton from Shaftesbury on passing her test today 20/09/21 in Dorchester. Well done Mollie and safe driving in the future from your

Pass your driving test in Bristol

Great start to a week! Massive congratulations to Kosta Manser. Passing his driving test in Kingswood. His 1st attempt and only 2 driving faults. Kosta

Driving Lessons in Warminster

Congratulations to Alfie Cook from Warminster on passing his driving test today 18/09/21 at Yeovil test centre with 4 minor faults. All the best from

Automatic Driving Lessons in Yeovil

Congratulations to Natalie Collins from Yeovil on passing her automatic driving test today 17/09/21, first time with 6 minor driving faults. Natalie has also been