Our Guide to Motorway Driving

Motorway Driving Motorways are the road of choice for many when traveling on long distances but if you have never driven on one before then they can possibly seem a scary place. Until 2018 learner drivers were not allowed on the motorway as part of their driving lessons, the law Continue Reading

Do you know what to do if your involved in a car accident?

 Do you know what to do?   Unfortunately, accidents happen, it’s just part of life and the more you drive the higher the chances are of you becoming involved in a road traffic accident or RTA for short.   So if the unfortunate happens, what should you do? Stop the Continue Reading

Bad Weather Driving

 Bad Weather Driving Driving in Britain you will come across a range of weather conditions possibly on what feels like an hourly basis, one minute it can be bright sunshine, the next minute it could be torrential rain. So how can you be prepared for the possibility of changing weather Continue Reading