Driving Lessons West Drayton

Driving Lessons West Drayton

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Male and Female driving instructors in West Drayton, London

Its tough looking for the right driving instructor or driving school for your driving lessons in West Drayton, London. With so many to choose from how do you know which driving school is the right one for you and your needs.
Its not surprising that most people think that all driving instructors in West Drayton are the same, but did you know that an average 30% of learner drivers change their driving instructor before ever taking a driving test. Put it another way, thats a staggering 234’000 people every year that change their driving instructor. And the national average for first time driving test passes is just 44%
So this tells you we can not all the same and there are some very big differences between driving schools and different driving instructors in West Drayton, So choose wisely as your choice of driving instructor in West Drayton can make a very real difference to the time and amount you pay to reach the driving test standard and take your driving test.

So what can you expect from us with your driving lesson in West Drayton

From your very first contact with us, be it through email, facebook or by phone our driving instructors and office staff will listen to what your needs are. We will ask you some questions about your driving experience, your goals or concern’s and then place you with the right driving instructor to get you off to the best possible start with your driving lessons in West Drayton. 
From your very first driving lesson in West Drayton you will be driving the car, we dont want to spend hours of your time sitting at the side of the road explaining everything from a text book in great detail, of course we will tell you what you need to know to make your lesson a progressive and successful one but that’s it. No Time Wasting.
Each of your driving lessons in West Drayton will have a clear aim and achievable goals set for you at the start of your driving lesson, so no driving around West Drayton aimlessly wasting your time and costing you more money for yet more driving lessons. At the end of each driving lesson your driving instructor will give you feedback on your progress and set your agenda for your next driving lesson.
We aim to get you through your driving test as soon as possible with the least cost to yourself while making sure you have all the skills neccesary to become a safe driver for life.
So you can see what its like to learn with our driving instructors we have over 350 Customer Reviews that have been left by previous pupils so you can have a read and see what they have thought about their driving lessons with us.

We even provide full access to Theory Test Pro for all our pupils so you can save money on your Theory books and get the Theory Test done and out of the way as soon as possible. What’s more we offer some very good block booking discounts on your driving lessons in West Drayton to help you save even more money with our driving instructors and to put your mind at ease we even offer you our Money Back Guarantee so you know you and your money are in safe hands.

Whether you require manual or automatic driving lessons in West Drayton we are positive that our professional team can help you get on the road in no time.

Intensive Driving Courses

We are now also able to offer you one week intensive driving courses in West Drayton. So now you can get on the road even faster. We have driving courses for beginners or pupils that have already taken driving lessons and just need a bit of topping up before their driving test.
You need to have passed your theory test before we can book your practical test and you intensive driving course. For more information please take a look at our one week intensive courses page from the top menu.

So start your journey today with your driving lesson in

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