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Why is our Driving School is successful?

In this article we tell you a bit more about us and our driving school. As you read on you will see how and why we are the customers first choice when it comes to learning to drive. 

on UK roads and motorways requires a very good understanding of the Highway
Code and practical experience. With over 30 million cars on our roads
(increasing every year), safety is our top priority on any of our driving
courses. For us, it is not only about passing your driving test, but making you
the best driver for life.
example of this is our under 17’s driving tuition. We believe that one of the
best ways to learn how to drive safely and be a confident driver later in life is
to start young under supervision of professional coaching of highly skilled
professional instructors.
Driving School offers practical driving experience from 12 years of age. This
is not only an exciting driving tuition experience but an investment in the
safety of our future drivers and UK roads. Statistics shows that young drivers
are more susceptible to be involved in car crashes and road traffic incidents;
we believe that investing in your children can dramatically reduce those
casualties. Find out more by
clicking here.

as a driving school are very proud of our students and what they have
accomplished this year. Just in 2015, we had over 170 driving test passes. This
score is not only good for our students but also for us as it improves our
reliability and credibility to be the driving school of choice in South West
England. We have old students that post on our
Facebook page
blog and we are very happy to see them coming back. Remember:
we also have
one week intensive courses, driving instructor training and Fleet Driving Courses for anyone that drives as part of their work.

regards to the one week intensive course, this is the accelerated path for you
to learn how to drive and have your test done or even to improve your driving
skills. This course is intended to match your timelines and all classes are
condensed in a 6 hours daily package where novice drivers can choose a 36 or 42
hours driving course. This course is tailored to your circumstances. 
In case
you already know how to drive, this course can help you to improve your skills
and help you to get rid of some mistakes when you drive.

regards to the driving instructor training, we cover all of Southwest England and
beyond. You can be rest assured that this training course is fully ORDIT audited
and registered so that you can relax knowing that our instructor training course and our instructors meets the demands of the DVSA and their strict requirements for driving instructor training.

Driving School is proud to offer this diversity of tailored courses and we are
high skilled professionals in what we do. The facts and figures we have on our
main webpage and all the customer reviews and genuine followers we have are there to help
you choose your driving instructor. We know that trust, confidence and coaching
walk hand to hand to form the strong foundation to our lives. We understand the
emotions involved and the pressure felt by a novice behind the wheel and we are
here to help them.

the only way to understand what is behind our name is to experience the
quality, education and professionalism of our instructors and staff. The 2ND2NONE
Driving School aims to influence and positively contribute to the kind of
driver you are.

If you have any questions regarding any of our driving related services, then please call our head office on 0333 7729642

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